Do you know that this year over 557 million tennis balls will be manufactured globally.

And do you know what happens to these tennis balls when you are finished with them? Not much!

The majority end up being dumped in landfills. To date very little recycling of tennis balls has been done, but now you can discover the many ways you can recycle tennis balls and help your environment.

If you love tennis then find out how you can recycle your tennis balls easily and efficiently.

The Perfect Solution
Luckily there is a very simple way to recycle your tennis balls which not only helps the environment, but also brings a great deal of joy and satisfaction to others.

Since 2004 – we have been collecting old tennis balls and then sending them onto dog charities or rescue homes. Many of these institutions are crying out to receive old tennis balls as the “doggies” they care for get great pleasure from chasing and then destroying these old tennis balls.

Tennis Players “start collecting your balls”
The first place to start is by collecting old tennis balls at your local tennis club. You can collect the old tennis balls in box or spare refuse bin. When you have collected about 100 balls – simply deliver or send them off to a nearby dog charity or rescue home.

thanks for the tennis balls dog

Finding A Local Dog Charity – Rescue Home
We recommend you find a local dog charity who wish to receive old tennis balls. If you don’t know of one local to you, have a search through google or yahoo.

Send Us Your Old Tennis Balls
If you are based in the United Kingdom, send us your old tennis balls and we will pass these onto doggie rescue homes. If you are based outside the United Kingdom, look on our list of dog charities to find one local to you.

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